Grid-tied Solar Explorer

Investing in local renewable energy generation can be costly, and pay-pack times may be cumbersome to compute. This tool provides back-of-the-napkin estimations of the costs for electricity without or with solar and storage. Select your annual consumption to gauge the expenses and potential cost-savings.

Annual electricity consumption:


Solar generation:



time of day

Figure 1: This graph illustrates the typical consumption and generation over the course of a day.

Consumption tariff:

Feed-in tariff:

Costs over time


Figure 2: This graph compares costs of three scenarios over time. The cross-over of B or C with A indicates the break-even point.

  • A. Consumption: Baseline costs without investments in solar generation or storage.
  • B. Smart metering: Costs of a smart meter tariff (quarter-hourly netting of consumption and feed-in), given investments in solar generation and storage. Return on investment (ROI, 20 years): XX.
  • C. Annual metering: Costs of an annual netting of consumption and feed-in (virtual battery), with solar investments, excluding storage costs. Return on investment (ROI, 20 years): XX.
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